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Dam Project

The design phase for the removal of the low-head dam on Stillwater Creek just upstream from the Trenton Avenue bridge is underway, with the removal of the dam slated for 2020-2021. The project is being funded entirely through the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Water Resource Restoration Sponsorship (WRRSP) program, the purpose of which is to protect and restore the Ohio's water resources. The Twin City Water & Sewer District awarded the design-build contract to remove the dam to RiverReach Construction of Norton, Ohio and EnviroScience Inc. two companies that specialize in dam removal, stream restoration and bank stabilization. Together the team has previously removed dams in Cuyahoga Falls, Lisbon, and Highland Hills, Ohio and is concurrently removing a dam on the Mahoning River in Struthers, Ohio. Originally built as a storage dam by the Dennison Water Supply Co., (the predecessor to the Twin City Water & Sewer District) to supply water for its water treatment plant, the dam no longer serves a purpose due to the development of an alternate active water supply. The Ohio EPA recommended removal of the dam in a biological and water quality study of the Stillwater Creek basin in 2012 due to the dam's negative effects on water quality. The dam also poses a public safety issue and acts as a hazard for boating and recreational opportunities. Removal of the dam will also relieve the Twin City Water & Sewer District (owner) from having to someday spend significant money on future dam maintenance and safety improvements. Removing the dam and restoring Stillwater Creek to a free-flowing condition will improve habitat for fish, mussels and other wildlife and restore several miles of the mainstem upstream from Uhrichsville. Public access and fishing opportunities will remain available following dam removal.

East 1st Street Water Line Project

Twin City Water & Sewer District will be replacing the water line main on E. First Street in 2021. In order to meet OhioEPA rules and regulations, the District has requested funding from OhioEPA to replace any private lead service lines throughout the project area. Said service lines will run from the District's main water line to the resident's meter, which may sit outside of the right of way limits and on private property. The District will be working with each resident during the project. In order to comply with this requirement from the OhioEPA, the District will be applying for grant money to pay for this portion of the project. There will not be any financial impact to the homeowner. The District has documents available from the OhioEPA for any interested resident/homeowner at the billing office. Also, since the project will be done in conjunction with the City of Uhrichsville, the City will be placing the aforementioned documents on their website and Facebook page. If any resident/homeowner should have any questions, please contact the District office at (740) 922-1460.

Scheduled Interruptions

Current Waterline Breaks

No waterline breaks at this time.

Current Boil Orders

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Hydrant Flushing

Flushing will be on October 4, 2021 through October 22, 2021 from 7:00am to 3:00pm, excluding weekends.